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I really had a fantastic and straightforward experience with Se7en. I had applied to a couple of different staffing agencies, but Se7en was the only one to be completely transparent throughout and gave me the shot to prove myself. The Se7en staff who dealt with me for the entirety of the journey was outstanding in providing me all the information I requested about my upcoming position and was able to support me at any time with a quick phone call or text. I 100% recommend them. Thank you to Se7en Staffing for providing me the next step in my career.


Larry Gish

I tried for a long time to get into the industry myself. Se7en's staff was polite and upfront and made the process easy and painless!



appreciate the opportunity Se7en gave me, that changed my life 100%.


David Jenkins

I am grateful for Christy's guidance and expertise throughout the hiring process. Her passion and dedication to her job and clients are exceptional, and it was evident that she genuinely cared about my success. I highly recommend Se7en to anyone looking to advance their career in the cannabis industry. 

Se7en Employee, NY

I had a great experience today! I have autism and marijuana has been a medicine in my life and a special interest for more than half my life. To see the degree of safety and precautions in order to maintain the legality of making their products was outstanding. Everyone was beyond nice and had a passion for this industry which made it a great work environment! The managers made the process easy at every step from onboarding to the training and instructions were clear and easy to follow- this company is like none other I've worked for and I can't wait to see the positions I move to :)  

St Louis Cultivation Facility

I have enjoyed working with you. Se7en is GREAT!! You guys have helped us out so much! 


If you’re looking to dip your feet into the Cannabis industry, but don’t know where to start or how it works, you’ll love Se7en Staffing just as much as I do! Christy and Juanita assisted me through the process, starting with applying. They kept me updated throughout the whole process, got me licensed, and got me placed in an amazing facility all within less than a week! The amazing customer service of this team cannot be found elsewhere, and it couldn’t have been an easier process!! 10/10, Se7en!

Fat Nugs Magazine

Finding jobs in this industry is not easy.
Finding and working with excellent recruiters and staffing agencies that actually give a damn, can be even more difficult.
Luckily we know a few phenomenal ones like Christy Essex of Se7en Staffing & Employment Solutions.
She's passionate, supportive, and has been building her business into a successful agency that brings positivity and jobs to the industry.

We need more of that!

If you aren't connected to Christy you should be, as you never know when you're going to need a supportive staffing agency on your side.


Casey, Se7en Employee



Christy is a pleasure to be in this business with. She's always been there when I've reached out for her services. She had real solutions to help us! Thank you for putting the spotlight on her- she rocks!
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