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Se7en's Advisors, Partners and Affiliates

Seven Staffing & Employment Solutions, LLC is proud to be associated with many people throughout the cannabis industry in Missouri and other states.  We are your premier cannabis staffing and employment solutions company.  



David Elan Simckes is a Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist who has been practicing Fertility Medicine in the St Louis area since July 1993. He is in private practice for over 21 years. Dr. Simckes is the Founder and Medical Director of the Fertility Partnership; an advanced reproductive technology program based on the principals of state of the art quality, compassion, and affordability. He taught residents and medical students at Washington University as Clinical Instructor for over 18 years at St Louis Mercy Medical Center and other educational institutions. The Fertility Partnership has grown to be a leading center for fertility care. 

His current mission is to educate people about fertility issues and help them build their families. He developed the SEMS system that helps manage patients undergoing infertility. This simplified approach has helped patients and doctors understand, diagnose, and treat reproductive problems. In 2016 Dr. Simckes was approached by New Approach Missouri to help in the passing of Amendment 2, to legalize marijuana in Missouri. He joined New Approaches’ Advisory Board because of the many proven medical benefits, but most of all because of the favorable impact on Heroin related deaths which plague our country. He is a trusted advisor to Se7en.



Amendment 2 Consultants has an extensive performance record executing strategies to advance the cannabis industry. They have lead numerous campaign efforts to legalize cannabis and support businesses from the initial state application through full-scale operations. They provide insightful solutions and maintain a dynamic array of services to match the unique needs of the industry.

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