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Your dream employee is just around the corner.


When you need a quality employee faster for your cannabis operation than you can manage on your own, Se7en is ready to work with you and your team.  We help reduce your stress and save you valuable time. We present pre-screened job candidates, temporary, seasonal, trial to hire and professional direct hire candidates that meet your requirements, have passed our stringent interview, and have proven their character through a thorough reference check and background screen.

Whether temporary/seasonal, trial to hire or professional direct hire positions are offered for cultivation centers, cannabis dispensaries, or the manufacturing business, the scope of work and expectations of the job are made clear upfront to all job candidates. Our people are ready to work when hired.

Trial to Hire

We at Se7en are dedicated to working with your team, our employees and staff to put the best candidates to work. We all work together, over a period of time. We'll orient, assist you in training, observe and make sure you have the right employee in the right job.


We partner with you. We learn your operation, your culture and the job to be done before we embark on a thorough search for the right candidate for the position.  You hire them directly.


Se7en's team has over 35 years in human-resources.  We will assist you in your HR functions such as payroll services, skills testing, background screening,and reference checking.  We have a network of client training solutions available including sales leadership, customer service, and basic HR for your managers too.


The cannabis industry has seasonal and other temporary spikes that require additional all-hands on deck.  Whether your need for a temporary staff is due to your crop cycle or you need extra help for special projects or events, Se7en offers our partners a short term staffing option. You can relieve your overburdened full-time employees without adding big overhead dollars. 


Se7en Staffing & Employment Solutions, LLC prides themselves on giving their customers 110%.


  • You should expect to have calls returned in a timely manner

  • A knowledgeable recruiter who knows where to find employees who want to work in the cannabis industry, experienced and trainable.

  • A timeline and recruiting plan of action so we all keep on target

  • A guarantee. We guarantee our results.

Se7en partners with you to simplify your staffing needs.



Define the position and its uniqueness; develop profile

Se7en’s advisors work with you to learn about your company, your needs and what is unique to each position.


Present recruitment plan
and timeline to client

We will quickly develop your plan and work with you on a timeline to hire, assuring successful hiring.



All candidates must pass our strict screening, background and reference check before meeting you; ON PREMISE OR VIDEO, it’s up to you. According to the timeline, clients meets candidates for interviews – Tips provided to assure you stay in compliance with HR rules and regulations.


Review candidates with
client after the live interview

Your advisor will contact you to review all candidates, schedule 2nd meetings, alter search parameters, or make prepare the offer.


Offer Temporary, Trial to Hire or Direct Hire position​

You just let us know who you want to hire, and we will negotiate relocation, pay and all. Temporary and Trial to Hire staff will be assigned to start as soon as you say.


We Onboard and Train

Se7en provides a complete on-boarding consisting of safety training,

the why’s and wherefore’s, do’s and don’ts at your company and more.


Retention and Follow-Up

Your Se7en advisor will stay in touch.  Se7en works with your hiring managers to discuss the successes of the process, document the results, and tweak the formula when necessary. Se7en will stay in touch, keep you abreast of new resources and tools to keep you up to date at your company.

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