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Stay connected in the cannabis industry


Se7en Voted Best of the Industry 2023

Se7en Staffing knows all that there is about the cannabis industry. They use this knowledge to help clients find jobs and education within the industry. Se7en collaborates with various organizations and universities and has formed an affiliate partnership with a cannabis training program to coach candidates who are wanting to work in the cannabis industry. 

Women to Watch - Christy Essex

A business owner and operator since 2002, Essex’s interest in and passion for cannabis go beyond the industry. Essex is a firm believer in cannabis as medicine, “My family and I have a personal story of my ‘why’ I entered the cannabis field.


Missouri Has Hired Thousands of Marijuana Jobs Since Legalizing Weed

Missouri is seen as the “darling” of the cannabis industry after a hot start to its recreational marijuana program. And the number of licenses the state approves for new employees each month has quadrupled since November.

What It's Like to be a Women in the Canna-Biz

Nowadays after being in the cannabis sector a few years, I love walking into a networking event or conference and being greeted with excitement by my fellow women in the industry! Every single time I think to myself; “I am so grateful for connecting with some of the most amazing women I have ever met in my professional career!”  Many of us have dissimilar backgrounds, but all possess one thing in common….GRIT!  


Transitioning From Non-Cannabis to Cannabis: What You Need to Know

We get questions everyday like: “Where do I start?” “Am I even qualified?” “What is it like?” If this sounds like you, then the first question I advise you to ask yourself is: “How can my current skill-sets contribute to a cannabis company?”

Staffing Challenges in the Cannabis Industry and How to Combat Them

With cannabis being one of the fastest growing industries in our nation is it sure to have its challenges associated with the growth. Be prepared to have some takeaways that you can immediately implement within your organization.


2023 Jaine AID Award Winner

We congratulate and commend Se7en Staffing and Employment Solutions effort in being a diverse and inclusive organization in Missouri cannabis.

2023 Jaine AID Award Winner Announced

WeAreJaine, a Missouri-founded industry organization supporting women in cannabis is proud to announce their first ever JAINE Advocacy Inclusion, and Diversity (AID) Awards winner for 2023.


1,500+ Women Who Should Be Recognized for Their Achievements in Cannabis

Our very own Founder/CEO, Christy Essex listed right above Melissa Ethridge

Going Green Documentary

Drawing on interviews with leaders in Missouri's marijuana legalization battle, this documentary follows Missouri's journey to marijuana legalization and provides insight into operating a marijuana cultivation and harvest center within the state.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 2.42.05 PM.png

The Jaine Aid Awards: An Afternoon of Inclusivity

Who Is Se7en Staffing?

On the surface, Se7en provides the bridge from cannabis facilities to the candidates. What does that look like in practice?

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